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Kaleidoscope – a moment in time

Kaleidoscope – a moment in time


Hello everyone, wanted to blog about this for quite sometime now, and today finally I have the chance to have my say over this new venture which started almost a year go, One find spring day me and my buddy Asad were hiking along Margalla hills and were discussing about our passions and photography when suddenly the idea struck to start our very own studio/production house.  After months of discussions with other friends, variation, barnstorming, we finally settled with the name kaleidoscope – a moment in time.

Kaleidoscope - business cards

This is not just another money making wedding photography services, we here and we are here to have great impact and push everyone to their limits. Once started its going be hard to catch up with us, and yes i am taking this by our past experiences with our other ventures/projects that we have undertaken and Kaleidoscope seem to be a step further to our true selves :)

On 1st March 2014 we launched our website :) as expected we had great response, currently we are under the process of designing our portfolio books. Come join us and be part of the dream, share it, love it and be part of it :)



  1. Nice work! Keep it up!

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