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Cycling in Pakistan

Its been quite sometime since last time I posted something, thanks to my work commitments and yes laziness as well, but as of today I have been thinking to document and start posting some inspiring images that i have been taking all over these months. So before any further a do lets get to work.

The Early Winter Rides.

I started training again in January. That was almost after 45 days of not training at all, the first ride was a shock!, yes, I wasn’t aware of how cycling in winters can be, to my surprise it was seriously not easy at all. On first day, my eyes, my nose and ears were not in the favor to go out as i used to back in Doha. Winters in Qatar are not really as harsh as they are here. Somehow with time and proper clothing i started training again, it was fun and a bit challenging to experience uphills for the first time. I was keen on doing the Margallahs Summit up to the Monal Restaurant and at the same time I was eying a little bigger challenge of riding all the way up to Murree Hill Station, before we get to the hill rides, have a look at some pre hill images and tour images.

Some awesome images of Islamabad during winters while cycling.


IMG_5361 IMG_5363 IMG_5380 IMG_5357 IMG_5356 IMG_5378 IMG_5377 IMG_5374 IMG_5370 IMG_5367


These were some notable images lurking around in my hard-rive from winters. It was and is a very different terrain to cycle as compared to the flat and hot roads of Qatar with extreme wind conditions. Cycling here is tough and challenging due to the hills but at the same time its fun because of the natural beauty around.

I have many more images to share from my trip to Murree and my Summit of Margallah hills and the nasty injury as well. All that and more in coming posts. :)


Destination: Abbottabad

This December I went to one of my all time favorite cities: “Abbottabad”. This city holds an infinite romance ever since I went there for the first time in spring of 2012 for no reason whatsoever. This winter, it was no exception.

Below are some of the Instagram images we took.








We were there for an assignment. It was simply amazing.

December 2014 – The Best

December 2014

finally I am home. YES and just in few 3 weeks time I have traveled up to 500kms. Have loads of images to share, for now I am posting the images i took with the iPhone :)












As you can see fall is in full bloom here, the days are getting colder and colder, for me this is the best time of year, cant express what i am feeling in simple words only the above images can you give you a fair idea of what is it all about.

On a side note we have already started working together again at Kaleidoscope after almost 2 years and things are looking super awesome, cant wait for the future.

until next post – stay awesome :)

A Cold November Ride

As you all know, I am crazy about cycling and when it comes to early morning rides then my friend nothing can stop me especially when you best friend is along too. Yesterday morning we had this amazing fortune to have such bright morning of our lives. Below are some photographs that i took with my old canon ixus70. The results still beat the modern iPhone.

The Gorges Autumn Sun

The Beautiful bright Autumn Sun

Our Road to Glory

My Partner in Crime, The HASA R4

The Beast At Katara

The Beast At Katara

Ayaz Cranking it at 48khs

Thats all for now.