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A Cold November Ride

As you all know, I am crazy about cycling and when it comes to early morning rides then my friend nothing can stop me especially when you best friend is along too. Yesterday morning we had this amazing fortune to have such bright morning of our lives. Below are some photographs that i took with my old canon ixus70. The results still beat the modern iPhone.

The Gorges Autumn Sun The Beautiful bright Autumn Sun Our Road to Glory My Partner in Crime, The HASA R4 The Beast At KataraThe Beast At Katara Ayaz Cranking it at 48khs

Thats all for now.

Still creating

Hello there, i am still creating, in my own busy isolation and beautiful solitude. Nothing fancy here, another simple of the poster i put together the other day for my clothing brand.



Umm Bab Beach

The other day I went to Umm Bab Beach (aka as Palm Tree Beach) 90KM west of Doha, with the camera to have a change of perspective, Very Happy with the results :)

Blurred accuracy

The void that brings us together

5th October 2014

IMG_4853-1024x682 copy

Don't trust us artists, we are just a bunch of lairs, our only true statement is our work.


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This documentary raises a lot of good questions. I am not going to get into a full on detailed review, i will leave that for you to find out. As i said earlier this documentary as with any well made documentary raises a lot of good questions, The main question and a very important one in my opinion is are we heading towards a new age? a new era of creation or we heading towards a huge ocean of creative mediocrity, noise or chaos? Is it necessary that everyone of us should be a musician, a painter, a photography etc just because the technology has made it very easy to access the tools for creation?

For all this and many other good insights, watch this documentary, it will excite you at the same time will make you feel angry and nervous.